Scout Analysts Discuss UVa Recruits Guy, Jerome, and Huff

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UVa class of 2016 recruits Guy (left) and Jerome at the 2015 NBPA Top 100 Camp
UVa class of 2016 recruits Guy (left) and Jerome at the 2015 NBPA Top 100 Camp ranks UVa class of 2016 men’s basketball recruits Kyle Guy, Ty Jerome and Jay Huff among the top 100 recruits in the nation. Two weeks ago, during the NBPA Top 100 Camp in Charlottesville, Director of Basketball Recruiting Evan Daniels and National Recruiting Analyst Rob Harrington took some time to discuss the future Hoos.

All three Virginia commits are considered 4-star prospects by Scout. Jerome, a 6’4” combo guard out of Iona Prep (New Rochelle, N.Y.), is currently rated the no. 55 prospect in the nation. Guy, a 6’3” combo guard out of Lawrence Central (Indianapolis, IN), is ranked no. 57. Huff, a 6’10” forward out of Voyager Academy (Durham, N.C.), is no. 67.

Daniels discussed Jerome and Guy, while Harrington provides his input on Huff.

Jerome made a big move in your most recent rankings, becoming a 4-star recruit after being rated a 3-star. Why has his stock risen?

“What I like about Ty is how competitive he is,” Daniels said. “He’s a skilled guy that can makes shots. He’s a good passer. He’s a good facilitator. He doesn’t look fast. He’s not real athletic, but he always gets where he wants to go. He changes speed really well. He’s a tough competitor.”

Were you surprised at how well Jerome has played on the Nike EYBL circuit and other events this year?

“I saw him last year and what stood out was always his competitiveness, but I think he’s kind of ramped up. He’s a guy that’s won a lot of basketball games on the AAU circuit. He just brings a lot to the table. I wasn’t necessarily surprised,” Daniels said.

You mentioned Ty’s athletic ability. Can you talk about how that might impact his adjustment to the major college game?

“Offensively, he just does such a great job of having a good pace and being able to change up his speeds and being a good ball-handler and crafty and all that. Defensively, with what Tony Bennett demands there is going to have to be improvement, but it’s going to be like that with any high school player,” Daniels said.

What is your take on Kyle’s game and his performance at the NBPA Top 100 (Guy earned all-camp honors for his play)?

“He has actually been great all spring,” Daniels said. “Kyle’s a shot-maker. He’s a guy that can really make 3s, but he’s a lot better off the dribble than people maybe have given him credit for. He has got some wiggle to his game. He can get to the mid-range and make shots. He has also got good vision. He’s score-first, but he can see the floor.”

From your perspective, how did Guy and Jerome perform at the NBPA Top 100?

“They had a really good week. It has been kind of fun watching them play together. I think they had a lot of success playing together on their future home court. That’s a skilled backcourt that can really shoot the ball. It looks like they’re fitting right in,” Daniels said.

Not many have seen Huff play in person, but I know you have. What is your scouting report on him?

“He’s a skilled, modern face-up 4-man,” Harrington said of Huff. “He’s a very good 3-point shooter, a tremendous passer, great defensive timing – I think that’s what will surprise people, because you say face-up 4 and think all offense guys, but he’s a surprisingly good defensive player. Clearly, by far the thing holding him back is the lack of strength. Even by high school standards, he’s really thin. He and his family understand that a red-shirt may be in order. He might be a 5-year player. I don’t think they are anticipating him being a two or 3-year player or anything like that.”

From a physical standpoint, just how far off is Huff from competing on the major college level?

“Probably 30 pounds I would have said from the end of the high school year, just to be able to hold his own. That would still not make him a powerhouse,” Harrington said. “It’s not a long term concern. He’ll eventually get there. It just won’t be the next couple years. As long as fans are realistic and not expecting much his freshman or sophomore year. They will be very happy with him… there will be a season where he turns the corner and becomes a really good player. It’ll just take a little bit more time.”

How is Jay from an athletic standpoint?

“Very mobile. Not tremendously explosive straight up. Runs really well and is extremely coordinated. That’s one of his main things,” Harrington said.

Some have compared Huff to former Duke player Ryan Kelly. Is that an accurate comparison?

“I see the Ryan Kelly thing, but [Huff] is more inside/out. Kelly was almost purely outside. Little bit of Chandler Parsons, but again more inside/out than those guys. That’s what makes him unique,” Harrington said.

Considering you have him ranked as a 4-star, were you surprised more high-major schools didn’t offer Huff?

“I was, sort of, but no one saw him,” Harrington said. “I think that would have happened if he would have played out (on the AAU circuit) this year. The right schools were in there. Notre Dame was messing around. UVa. Those are the right fits for him.”

What would you say is Huff’s primary strength at this point?

“Shoot. He’s a tremendous shooter with 3-point range. He’ll be such an annoying match-up for big guys who aren’t used to that,” Harrington said.

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