Preferred Walk-Ons Podcast: You Can’t Spell Schadenfreude Without UNC introduced a new podcast partnership to be featured here on the site and through our social media channels. It’s time for Episode 2.

Hosted by two people named Michael – ACC fans by birth, degenerate gamblers for mirth – The Preferred Walk-Ons Podcast is a college sports podcast through the lens of the ACC. Michael McGraw is a University of Virginia graduate and fan, while Michael Shutt is a life-long NC State fan. Both grew up watching the ACC and have insights on the history and present of the conference … plus plenty of healthy ABC – (Anybody But Carolina) bias.

Speaking of which – this episode is all about the ABCs: Anybody But Carolina. The podcast discusses:

  • The College Football Playoff picture heading into championship week (0:00-17:45)
  • North Carolina’s no good, very bad day (17:45-25:53)
  • The beginning of the college football coaching carousel (25:53-50:13)
  • ACC basketball first impressions ahead of the ACC-Big Ten Challenge (50:13-1:18:00)
  • Hated, but talented, college basketball players (1:18:00-1:38:44)