Best Seat In The House: Sabre Editor Kris Wright

The Virginia men’s basketball team finished its season with a 23-11 overall record. That included a third place finish in the ACC regular season, which was followed by postseason appearances in the ACC Tournament Semifinals and the NCAA Tournament First Four.

The journey along the way featured a lot of ups and downs. The Hoos dropped 3 of 4 games as the calendar flipped from 2023 to 2024, but they also reeled off an 8-game winning streak. They won 7 games decided either in overtime or by 4 points or fewer in regulation, but 10 of 11 losses came by double digits. UVA featured two-time ACC Defensive Player of the Year Reece Beekman and the ACC’s leading shot blocker in Ryan Dunn, but sometimes struggled to get stops. And on and on, up and down it went.

Sabre Editor Kris Wright joined The Best Seat in the House to talk about the season and what’s ahead for the program as it tries to recapture NCAA Tournament success in the future.

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  1. Tony needs some assistant coaches who are knowledgeable about, and perhaps formerly proficient in, offense. It seems that the obsession with defense ignores the “other half of the ledger” in CBB. The 2019 championship had the second best offensive rating in the NCAA. It was NOT their defense that won the NCAA championship. Also, the continued improvement in teams’ 3-point shooting indicates the primary weakness of the pack-line defense. I am not a coach, but these factors are just obvious.

  2. I agree with the comments about offense. I also made the point that it takes more than one year to learn the pack line defense. With the changes of nobody staying 4 straight years and now NIL ( I think that is what made Shedrick move to Texas), Tony has to put more emphasis on scoring. I do not enjoy how the game is changing,but we can’t go back.

  3. I heard no men toon of Taine Murray! Based on his last few games, it appears as though he could be a major contributor in the future.

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