’s Fan Friday: Football’s Chances, Basketball Minutes

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The summer weeks are flying by, but fans still have plenty of things to talk about. Malcolm Brogdon is in line for a huge contract offer in the NBA, soccer alums are playing in the women’s World Cup, and football season is just a few weeks away with some publications expecting a big year for the Hoos.

Throw in the usual topics for summer like football schedule predictions and playing time rotations for basketball too. Those two thoughts sparked some of the items for Fan Friday. Let’s go!

Thread Of The Week

With so many players that soaked up minutes gone from the UVA basketball roster, there’s a window for Jay Huff to earn more time as one of the experienced returnees for the program. Huff was a guest on Jeff White’s podcast at and that interview prompted a thread on the hoops message board.

Poster EmbraceThePace started it with: “Jay Huff said on Jeff White’s podcast that he’s currently 236 pounds and feels a lot stronger already. If he can keep getting stronger and cut down on fouling, he should be able to give us close to 30 MPG. That would do wonders for our offense.”

Hoos in da house wrote: “Just because he’s bigger/stronger doesn’t mean he’d have the stamina to play 30 mpg. He seemed to get winded easily last year, so he needs to work on stamina as well as strength.”

73Cav posted: “I thought that aspect of his game was much improved from 2018. I have no reason to doubt that it will continue to progress. I think his next goal is to gain enough lower body strength so he doesn’t get pushed around underneath the basket so easily. He needs to hold his position better. Sealing his man more effectively could mean an additional 3 or 4 rebounds per game above what might be expected with increased playing time. Go Hoos!!!”

007 Hoo wrote: “Did he say 30 minutes, or is that Embrace’s guess? It’s extremely unlikely that he will average over 25 minutes per game. The over/under should be around 20.”

BEASTHOO posted: “You’d be hard pressed to find many 7 footers at all getting 30 mpg. They just get tired faster than shorter guys.”

What do you think? Share your thoughts on the board!

Fan(s) Of The Week

Football season is getting closer!

Student Fan(s) Of The Week

The student section knows some night kickoffs are coming this season.

Feature Photo Of The Week

Charles Snowden may be ready to take his game up another notch this season.

Post Of The Week

On the football message board, hoosfan17 shared some thoughts about the upcoming football schedule and the possibilities for the Hoos. The post is below and here’s the thread.

Question Of The Week

Cavahoo76 posted a question about the rotation for the men’s basketball team, which is sure to be an ongoing hot topic this summer and fall. The question: “Question on playing time – [Mamadi] Diakite and [Braxton] Key are going to play 25-30 minutes a game. How often will [Jay] Huff or [Francisco] Caffaro be in the lineup with those two together?”

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