’s Fan Friday: Helping A Fellow Hoo

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Over the years, Virginia fans have watched many players come through Charlottesville to wear the orange and blue. Sometimes, those former players need support years later, though. That’s the case right now with former Cavalier offensive lineman Zac Yarbrough.

This past July, Yarbrough received a scary and rare diagnosis. He went to the doctor and received a breast cancer diagnosis – less than 1% of breast cancer cases develop in men. That led to a full mastectomy and now plans for 16 rounds of chemotherapy. He finished his second round this week.

The Yarbroughs needed to reach out for help. So Kelli Yarbrough posted a Go Fund Me page with the news and asked for support through donations. So far, the Wahoo community has blown past the original goal of $10,000 but more help can always offset expenses occurred during treatments.

As this free article from the Sabre archives showed, Yarbrough wanted to be a Hoo from the time he was 10 years old in 1990. That year at the Citrus Bowl, he met legendary Wahoo coach George Welsh and picked up some stripes for his helmet. He’s basically been a Hoo since.

If you’d like to help, click here.

Now on to more fun Fan Friday news.

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