Sam Brunelle Interviews Reece Beekman On Beyond The Arc Show

Sam Brunelle, local William Monroe High School and current Virginia women’s basketball standout, launched a new podcast this season. Beyond The Arc airs from Timberwood Tap House in Charlottesville.

Brunelle’s guest for her 10th show was UVA basketball player Reece Beekman, the ACC Defensive Player of the Year. The show’s focus is to get to know student-athletes off the court in a fun and engaging format. Check out episode 10 below!

The show is part of a Name-Image-Likeness deal with Hook Sports Marketing in Charlottesville. UVA basketball fans are encouraged to become members of the 4819 Club through Hook as well for other exclusive content possibilities. For more information on Brunelle’s Beyond The Arc show and NIL sponsorship opportunities with UVA student-athletes, contact Todd Goodale by email at [email protected] .

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  1. As a maniac fan of UVA hoops for almost 60 years, I live in Central Europe, but catch every game in real time, and I was in Minneapolis, where I had the great pleasure of talking again to Coach Holland. Seeing the Sam Brunelle shows on video, now, is a new experience for me. But, she is outstanding, and makes it impossible to not like the two guys I’ve now seen her interview, Ryan Dunn and Reece Beekman. I have always been enthusiastic about their game(s), but, now, thanks to Ms. Brunelle, they have vaulted into the rare-air likeability of guys like Jayden, Kyle, DeAndre, Mamadi, Isaiah, Ty. Thanks, Sam

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