Worth Quoting: Bennett On Keeping Players Happy

UVa coach Tony BennettDuring a teleconference with reporters on Tuesday, UVa coach Tony Bennett was asked whether he was worried about keeping players happy in future years with full recruiting classes. Here’s what Coach Bennett had to say.

“You know that’s something I can’t worry about because I think guys we give them chances and the guys that we feel are helping us will get opportunities but we keep working to develop our players. On the front end, we say hey here’s who we are bringing in and never fly under the radar and surprise the guys that we recruited. Say here’s the guys we are recruiting, here is our program. If young guys can come in and they’re strong enough to play over other guys and stuff like that happens, well that’s part of competition. You can’t make it an environment that no one has to compete for spots or someone is guaranteed X amount of minutes. That’s too hard to do. With injuries and other things that happen, you have to have quality depth and that’s what good teams can do. … So you always want your guys certainly to be happy, but you want them to compete and you want to put the best players on the floor.”