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I find this thread very interesting. Not one person linked scientific

-based research and I see a lot of advice that is purely anectodotal and circumstantial in nature.

There are a lot of opinions out there and and even "some" "science" to back up these opinions, but the vast majority of opinions about the "best diet" are a joke.

What you out in your body is obviously important, but how much of it you put in there is perhaps more important. You can't simply say "I'm going to cut this or that out of my diet and and be fine". If I ate 8,000 calories of lean protein and green vegetables per day, I'd be fat.

Mrs. Chef is a dietiitian and I've read a lot of the research out there. The recommendations over the years have changed very little. Current research is very clear... eat whole grains vs simple carbs (for your grain intake), eat lean meats, eat it all in moderation, and for GOD SAKE'S... exercise. It's not hard.

It's hard to live by those rules because we would strongly prefer to eat a regular everything bagel with pastrami vs a whole wheat everything bagel with smoked turkey. We want to eat low fat chips for our snacks and call the 5 cookies/week a "splurge". But those types of habits are why none of us can lose weight. Those habits are specifically why the food pyramid was developed. We all think we live in it, but we don't.

I work out 3-6 days per week, eat almost no fast food, very rarely eat dessert and almost never eat fatty meats. But I don't lose weight. I don't lose weight because I eat simple carbs 3-4 days per week and snack with salty low-fat snacks. I ate some darn good jambalaya with turkey sausage last night. I'm having it again tonight. I had a soda with my Sunday meal. I had mashed potatoes with my 4oz steak on NYE. I had a regular everything bagel with smoked turkey for lunch on Sunday. I ate them because I enjoy them. But I know that they are outside the recommendations of a truly healthy diet.

I would bet that if everyone did a real inventory of what they ate and how often they exercised, it wouldn't be a mystery as to why they aren't losing weight.

I would also bet that if everyone followed the food pyramid religiously and exercised 4 days/week, we would all be a whole lot healthier.

It's not rocket science. Most people don't need a special diet to be healthy.

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Posted: 01/09/2019 at 12:56PM


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