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They're fun

The different companies have different strengths and slightly different uses. I researched this a lot before getting kits for my folks last year, but some of this may have changed over the year. I went with 23andme because it seemed the best for delivering a useful data file that you could use for other purposes. I haven't done this yet, but there is a service out there that will run a health report on the data for about $5 instead of the much larger fee that 23andme charges for the same purpose. Some of the other reports are better for specific area genealogy. For example, 23andme will give you British Isles or western Europe, but some of the others will give Scotland or Netherlands. As I recall, there's a tradeoff in accuracy with that precision. I like a tool in 23andme that traces maternal and paternal lines that show broad migrations tens of thousands of years ago out of Africa, into western Asia, or Europe, etc, and shows Neanderthal percentages.

The science on all of this has strengths and weaknesses and there are a lot of tools available online for comparisons across the services. Have fun, and keep your fingers crossed that you're not a cold case.

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Posted: 01/10/2019 at 12:25PM


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