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Season of woes?

Happy to jump in to answer question of the poster who suggested that new coach might have bitten off more than...

So, I'm new to this board, not new to basketball.
Former Division I hooper, former longtime asst coach and even longer longtime fan of ACC hoops.

Part of the reason I try not to get on boards is b/c it's usually filled with comments from mostly fans, and rarely former players and coaches. This makes boards sometimes equally refreshing and maddening. Just being real. Fans want microwave results, not realizing the depth of despair a program is typically in when a coach leaves in the middle of a season. So, I thought I'd drop in here to add a few layers to the conversation.

First, when a coach leaves a program, it's already usually 2-3 years in the hole. The window dressing might look decent but the program is likely tanking already. Recruiting probably sucks but fans don't know that until the coach leaves and the best player in the state goes somewhere else.

Second, the transition year is always the hardest b/c you've gotta get players to make shifts they don't want to make b/c they're used to "the way it was" -- even if the way it was was not working. Clearly, VA was in an apathetic state of mind with Joane Boyle. Anybody who's ever played on a high level team or coached at this level can see this. No offense to JB but it's obvious her mind was elsewhere last season (and several before last season) and UVA suffered.

Third, have watched about 50% of games this season - and when this current UVA team is at its best it's usually because the players are locked in and doing what Tina thompson's telling them to do. Again - as a coach you know this because you KNOW this from coaching, and you can tell when players are paying attention. Thompson's exhibited some solid coaching skills with strategy and adjustments - so, when her staff gets some players - real ones - VA is going to be top 4 in the conference

Fourth, speaking of players - UVA waaaaaaaaay behind in recruiting - it's obvious by signings in offseason. If the previous coaching staff had done its job, the current UVA staff would be signing 2022s, 23s, --- maybe some 21s. You get the point - if you're still trying to sign 19s -- the last coaching staff wasn't doing a damn thing. Ouch! That's going to hurt some feelings but it's true.

Fifth, in the Syracuse game (and others) - not enough mental toughness and focus. You've got a couple of players who haven't learned how to be great every time out - mixed in with role players who don't appear to believe in themselves because they've never played the kind of minutes they're getting.

Is Tina T. the right choice for UVA? Time will tell - but what the sabre board Monday morning point guards need to understand is that insiders see strategic moves during the game that even veteran coaches at the D1 level aren't making right now. Give your program about 2-3 years (not counting this one) before you start doubting the new regime. Getting the right kind of players is everything and VA doesn't have that many true players, hate to break it to ya'll.

This is what happens when a program gets run into the ground and the administration doesn't fire and hire the right person. Nice person I'm sure - but JB did not do a good job at UVA. And cleaning up a mess is harder than most realize.

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