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You're looking at it wrong... Compare NFL QBs to MLB players

It takes being a very mediocre to average NFL QB to beat what an average to mediocre MLB player makes. MLB average salary is $4 million. An average NFL QB starter makes 3 times that. A decent one makes 5X that. Then take into account he'll make about 3-4X as much in his first few years in the NFL as he will in the MLB, and he's got just a huge head start.

1st/2nd rounders are a 50/50 shot to make an MLB roster. What would you say his odds are as getting a 2nd contract in the NFL? Maybe 50/50 as well? That means he gets that extra 3-4X in guaranteed first contract earnings (going off of what Josh Rosen got as #11 pick) and then a similar % chance of getting a $15-20MM a year deal with many tens of millions in guarantees vs. going into the MLB with very strong team control. Unless he absolutely kills it in the minors, he's looking at a 3-5 year wait just to get to the MLB. And then under team control and then arbitration. Bryce Harper took 6 years to get to what Josh Rosen is getting in 5. Sure, Bryce is about to get a huge deal, but he was the #1 overall pick and considered a huge prospect in baseball.

The guy picked #10 in the 2010 (Harper's) draft made a $2 million signing bonus and $182k in salary in 8 years. That's not per year, that's in total. He's now out of the league. The #8 pick in that draft, Delino Deshields Jr (with fantastic blood lines) has made a total of $4 million over 8 years. That's 8 years to get to this point, and he's considered a success! His MLB salary was between $300k and $500k a year once he made it because he was under team control (as they all are) for 3 years. He finally made it to arbitration time but the Rangers made a deal with him instead, and he got a $1.4 million deal for 2019.

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Posted: 02/11/2019 at 3:59PM


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