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Abdulhoo - your situation sounds eerily similar to my step-Dad's...

He started losing weight about 4 years ago, and it was a mystery. He was literally eating ~3,000 calories a day (to try to keep the weight on as his doctors told him he needed to do), but he kept losing weight.

One of his challenges is that he was diagnosed as diabetic about 15 years ago. He immediately went completely sugar free, and managed his diabetes with his diet. Fast forward to his weight-loss problems, and he didn't have the ability to use sugars as a way to boost his weight gain. Even when his doctor told him to allow a little sugar in his diet, Dad was so worried about that triggering a need for insulin (which he doesn't need since he controls with his diet), that he refused.

Last summer, an unrelated problem (difficulty swallowing due to scar tissue buildup from a botched scope procedure) caused him to require a feeding tube in his stomach. It was THAT which finally put weight on him. He is getting ~2,500 calories a day of Ensure (some sort of protein heavy version, if I recall correctly).

Anyhow, with that background of my Dad's situation in mind, I wanted to ask: have you had nutritional absorption tests? Have you been scoped to determine if there's anything else wrong in your digestive tract? Because buddy, the kind of weight loss you've had is not a good thing - it's no wonder your wife and kids are on your case.

Wishing you the very best - God bless. :)

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Posted: 04/17/2019 at 09:39AM


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