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How the SYSTEM helped bring the Hoos a Championship

Thought I'd lay it out here very clearly so that even the biggest detractors can see their folly.

The core tenant of the system is to play the game with an extreme amount of aggression and pace because this will put the opposition into uncomfortable situations. How does the system look on the field:
1. While other teams sub off defensive players and FOGOs when they gain possession, we keep them on in the first 15 seconds, oftentimes creating momentary numbers advantages. Look no further than the Laviano's goal against UMD bringing us to a two goal game. Petey wins the FO and passes it off. Instead of subbing off, he ball cuts the crease. Lav's defender has to take 3 steps to him, opening up the skip lane and big time momentum goal.
2. More often than any other team, we are happy to play 4v4 or 5v5 when in transition or when we catch an offensive player on defense. Defenses don't practice these situations nearly as much as 6v6. Less people on the field equals more space, longer slides, and more pressure on the defense.
3. Our 6v6 defense was very aggressive. We constantly sent double teams at Yale on Monday. Sometimes we got burned, like when we sent Rode to double behind the goal, but more often than not it worked out well for us. While this type of defense will give up more goals than a conservative defense, it will also create more chaos, more transition, and is aligned with the mindset the system relies on.
4. Ten-Man Ride: Aggressive, yes. High risk, yes. Makes the opponent uncomfortable, hell yes.

The core tenant of the system is NOT "Turnovers Don't Matter." That phrase was used in Year 1 to unlock the rigidity that was instilled into the team by the previous regime who overly valued structure. If you preach taking more risks, but then yell at players for mistakes, they will become more risk adverse and be confused by the coaches direction. It is much easier to go all the way in one direction, take way more risks than are beneficial, and then scale it back once the creative mindset has been instilled, then to take a very structured team and incrementally add a little bit of risk-taking at a time.

Have we toned down the risk taking, absolutely. We don't force as much in fast break and slow break situations. When we get to our settled offense, we play more deliberately to give our defense a rest and balance out possession time. The system was adjusted in Year 3, not abandoned.

Want proof that the system is still intact? Find one player or coach who will say the system was abandoned. Just one. I've heard Conrad and others reference the system over the last month. None beyond the loud few on this board who say the opposite. You want the truth, ask Lars, he'll tell you!
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