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Coach Bennett teleconference recap (paraphrased as always)

Difference in recruiting as National Champion

I think there's a lot of exposure. Excited for a great NCAA Tournament and it was positive for us. We've been recruiting guys all along. It's built some things from before and strengthened us in certain positions. Certainly can't hurt. I think it has helped. Validates a lot of good stuff that's happened in the past.

Opinion of new 3-point line and impact

Not sure yet. It's going back. It goes back almost 17 inches at the top, 11 inches in the corner. It can separate some shooters sometimes. Some guys toe the line. Obviously with guys like Ty and Kyle, it wouldn't have made a difference. We'll see - does it open up the court more? The debate about the lane staying the same width. It might separate a few guys. There might be a change on accuracy a little early on. It probably won't affect too many guys.


Everyone will have ample opportunity, the newcomers so to speak. To say who, you just don't know. There are some opportunities out there. The returners and we can go down the list of the guys we brought in, they're excited and there's always a learning curve. Returners will need to lead well. I can't tell you who or if the newcomers will be prominent.

Going up a level and playing in the ACC, there's a challenge with the speed and physicality. I don't think our system is too complicated. It's more the discipline, how your habits are, being in the right spots defensively the complicated part is doing it over and over at a certain level, not like learning a foreign language. I think that's in any program.

Father's Day

Yes that's the support Not only from him, but from my mom, family, and friends. That's why you need to find things that are unconditional. What's unconditional in our lives? I really challenged the young men, myself, our staff to find that after UMBC. If you're unconditionally loved and supported, I can think of no greater gift.

Tomas JUCO transfer?

I asked him yesterday, how do I pronounce it correctly? We were laughing. He had the same surgery that De'Andre and Kihei had so he missed end of JUCO year with a wrist injury so he's just getting cleared to do things basketball wise, shooting wise with his shooting hand, his left hand. That part is to be determined. When I sensed we were going to lose a lot of our guys, we needed some help on the perimeter so we looked around and scoured. I was given a head's up from a coaching friend. It kind of happened that way. We just pursued it.

Top 100 camp, coaches can watch, how different?

It will be a chance to watch some of the guys. We've been recruiting. It's a short viewing window. I think you'll have most of the big conference coaches will be here, mid-majors, I'm sure they'll all be here watching. I think it will be quite a showcase and exciting for the players. For the coaches, it's a time to evaluate.

Calendar changes?

It's way too soon to see what I think about the other calendar changes recruiting. We'll have to see how it plays out.

Tomas JUCO personality

We thought we needed to add experience and a quality player on the perimeter. We did our homework and film and all those kinds of things. It came out as a young man of character and we always start there. He wanted to challenge himself. I think it worked out for both parties. We have a great mix of guys from different countries and different parts of the states and I think that's been helpful.

Shot clock change on offensive rebounds

I'm not sure as much on that one. I think it's OK. I think the 3-point line is interesting. Coaches getting timeout calls late in games back. The reset to 20, I think is trying to add a possession or two within the game. I think you've just got to be aware of it.

What have the last two months been like ?

It's been wonderful. I've definitely gotten to get away and decompress. Speaking engagements, recruiting, talking to NBA people about our guys. The experience of Augusta with my father was amazing. Yesterday, the first day of summer school and time with the team, it was exciting to get going with this group. It's been a whole lot of everything. Thankful for the busy-ness of it because it means something good happened.

What did you shoot at Augusta?

9 or 10 under par. (Laughs) A few good shots and a few bad shots. More bad putts than good putts.

Add another player before fall?

All options are always open. That's how I always look at it. Most things have closed down. You just don't know. Different time with grad transfers and opportunities. The pool is shrinking. I'm not trying to be evasive. We're focusing on 2020 and 2021 and beyond.

NBA Draft ?

I'm very excited for them. Having gone through this a long time ago, there's so much floated out there. Until your name is called, you just don't know. My biggest concern is for Kyle, Ty, and De'Andre, wherever they end up, they're ready to go, is that they're given a good opportunity. They talk to everyone around them and do their research. It's not an exact science. I text those guys, I pray for them, I encourage them, and tell them to be ready. The draft is part of it, but then summer league and camp, and the big stuff.

Diakite's decision

I think with Mamadi, the new rule allows people to explore it. Get great experience and if you knock it out of the park, and you can get drafted, you have to consider that - if not, grow from it, come back, improve your game, get your degree, and be as prepared as you can be next time. Mamadi and his agent worked together, he worked out for some teams, and worked through it. I think he got invaluable experience and feedback. I was there for him. I wanted what's best for Mamadi.
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