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Question about road rage 😡

Just had my Sunday interrupted by a psycho. Witnessed a crazy lady...40ish, minivan...torment an older couple. She was probably within 6 feet of their bumper at 50-plus mph, then appeared to turn. Well, two miles later she flys up out of nowhere, whips in front of me (right lane) wildly, then beers sharply in front of the older couple (left lane) before we call come to a stop at a light. She’s screaming and gesturing at the older couple, now behind her and probably terrified. I snap a picture of her plate, she apparently sees me and then gets on my tail. I turn into a residential neighborhood, pull over to the side, and she pulls up and hysterically asked ME what my problem is! Lol! The lady basically says she’s going to keep following us, so my wife calls 911 and gives the cops the psycho’s plate number. At that point the lady takes off.

So...what, if anything, can the cops do? Assuming they don’t track her down and witness her driving firsthand, can they still cite her based on (at least) one call? (I say “at least” because lots of cars were around and I have a suspicion my wife wasn’t the only call.) I hope so. I’ve seen some crazy drivers in my day (now back in NOVA, despite the (old) handle) but nothing like this nut job.

Posted: 08/04/2019 at 5:04PM


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