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Some more burdensome thoughts

These are the dog days of summer. Parents are ready for kids to go back to school. Vacations are ending. My lawn is on its last legs in another sad case of neglect. We begin the shift of our evening hobby from Gin back to Bourbon where it belongs, which means the action will soon be under way in Scott Stadium. In this year of redemption (not sure if everyone is aware of that), it’s the year to end the Hokie streak- the football one, not their 0 for Eternity Championship streak. Basketball is still my passion however- combine that with a vacation of rain and my in-laws, and you have another useless, long, rambling off-season update. Read at your peril, or ignore and move on to the next floor souvenir post.

First an update on some actual Basketball Happenings:

•Jack Salt signed with Trefl Sopot of the Polska Liga (translates (loosely) as “yes, there is a Polish basketball league”). He thus becomes the most important athlete associated with Poland since Ivan Putski. The city of Sopot is “famous” for its International Song Festival, the largest such event in Europe after the Eurovision Song Contest (obviously). Among Sopot’s other attractions is a fountain of bromide spring water, known as the "inhalation mushroom", which is something I haven’t tried in a long time, but I am willing to revisit (when in Sopot, do as the Sopotskis do). Good luck to Jack- one of my all-time favorite Hoos ever,

• We were fortunate that we were only Kiwi-less for a short time. The Dean and Markel Families Men’s Head Basketball Coach Tony Bennett (TDaMFMHBCTB) was able to lure New Zealand’s own Kirk Penney to become our new Director of Player Development/Coaching Staff Consultant (DoPD/CSC) (I am reminded of advice I was once given when we wanted to keep someone on Staff, but couldn’t afford to give him a raise- “give him a good title”. It didn’t work). Anyway, the consensus is that it’ss a great hire. I have no idea, but welcome aboard Kirk. I hope you develop and consult to the best of your abilities

• In recruiting news, the Hoos missed out on Henry Coleman and someone that is very good but decided to go to Tennessee. These recruiting misses spoiled all Hoos’ dreams of having 20-30 wings on the team in 2020, but remember, other teams need players too. Good luck to both young men.

• Some teams were put on probation in a real NCAA “crackdown” - just not the ones caught on tape by the FBI- they have not yet been cracked down upon. Those teams have taken different approaches to their (alleged) wrongdoing. Arizona chose to ignore it, LSU chose to punish their coach and then ignore it. Auburn chose to put a self-imposed ban on recruiting, so they could let compound interest replenish their recruiting coffers. The NCAA vowed to look into all of it, possibly even commissioning a study.

•Finally, the most important news (at least to middle aged people with incredibly juvenile senses of humor), the Cleveland State Vikings hired Dicky Nutt as an assistant coach. Nutt’s brother Houston was a head football coach at Ole Miss. His brother Dennis was head coach at Texas State, but Dicky remained his own man, always wanting to prove he could carry his own load. I worked on that line for way too long.

I had an idea for a movie the other day when walking by a park early in the morning. As always, I am too lazy to write the screenplay, so anyone can steal my idea for free. Also, I think it’s original, but if not, I apologize, I don’t remember hearing this plot anywhere. It’s called the Tai Chi Kid. A boy gets bullied at school. He decides he needs to learn a martial art. He finds an old man in the park who practices Tai Chi each day and asks to learn. The old man takes him under his wing and teaches him the movements. The kid challenges the bullies to a fight and gets his ass kicked really badly because his movements are so slow. He learns a lesson to never approach strange old men in a park. I see Ralph Machio in a cameo somewhere.

A lot of posters talk about re-watching some of the NCAA games. I don’t normally do that, but I had already seen the episode of Impractical Jokers (11 times) that TRU TV was showing, so I decided to see what the Purdue game would feel like with my blood pressure less than the 220/170 (I believe that’s systolic over bucolic, but I am no doctor) it was at the time. Here is my recap. I still think that the Harms guy looks like the love child of Conan O’Brian and Bazooka Joe. Ethan Saliba did a Mr. Miyagi job on Kyle Guy’s ankle. Jerome’s first shot (insane floater) in OT was amazing, Carsen Edwards is pretty good, and I still had to get up and pace, even though I knew the outcome. Oh, and Kihei made a good pass

OK, here is an even better idea than the Tai Chi Kid,that I have actually put into practice. I hope others do too. I hate change (the coins, not the act of making something different). I have a change jar that fills quickly. When it’s full, I take it and give it some cause (pick your own). My kids do it too. IF (emphasis on if) you have the disposable income, it’s an easy way to give money to a cause you deem worthy. If I ran a charity or non-profit, I would adopt the phrase “Change for Change” and get in on this market.

Larry King Non-Sequiturs…I assume being a DJ (in the EDM sense) is not that difficult because it seems to be the go to “job” for Rich and/or Famous people’s kids…I know Wally Korte is in the news for despicable acts, but every time his name comes up, I can’t help but think of the Pixies (wondering who, if anyone, will make the connection-bonus points to the first person)…The Orioles going back to the clown bird logo is stupid, yet fitting…If you want a fun game to play, my wife and I play, “guess what that guy is listening to” when we see a person walking with earbuds/headphones… The go to insult is Hotel California or I Heart Radio…It seems your rap name is some bastardization of your real name with L’il in front of it... My rap name is L’il V FAN…I absolutely love dogs, but some poodles look like real pricks…On a related note, every dog owner in the world knows that Pavlov’s great “discovery” is so obvious that they wouldn’t have wasted their time with experiments- my dog thinks he is getting fed every time I go to the cabinet with his food- should I publish a paper on this?...And one more dog note- when I take my dog in the car and stop for gas, he looks at me out of the window with the same expression I envision on Michael Collin’s face when only Armstrong and Aldrin got to walk on the Moon…My first job ever was in a local grocery store, and when I retire from my real job, I want to sign a one day contract with them to retire as a Bagboy, just like an athlete… The Board of Visitors approved a plan to make UVa the #1 public school in the country, which I foolishly had thought was their mission all along…I consider myself somewhat coordinated, but I can never do that paddle with the ball attached with a rubber band for more than 3 or 4 hits…Nobody really knows the difference between the Acropolis, Pantheon, and Parthenon (and if you do, keep it to yourself smart guy)…so this Summer was the 50th anniversary of the moon landing (allegedly), Abbey Road release, Woodstock, and the Manson Murders? If Twitter were around it would have exploded…I don’t know who Kyle Guy’s agent is, but Kyle if isn’t endorsing 5 Guys soon, he should be fired…I suspect Rutgers might be good this year, and if so, the world will soon learn that Rutgers fans are a sleeping giant of horribleness (think Maryland fans, but in New Jersey)

Finally, an update on some common, important topics:

• ACC Network- some places have it, some not yet, many people ask questions about it. You Tube with a Roku stick sounds like a way to get it, but I don’t know what any of that phrase actually means. Also, cutting the cord might work, but if I lose any of the real housewives, I will be cutting the cord and paying alimony. Also, the last time I cut a cord, I was in the delivery room for my daughter and fainted. As an aside, I’m starting to be suspicious that some of these “ladies” are not real housewives.

• Memorabilia Issues- People seem dissatisfied with the company selling them pieces of the Final Four Floor (how are they going to play the games next year (Do they ask for the pieces back and reconstruct it?))? Anyway, you are in luck. My wife and I just put in new wood floors. The old flooring is still in the dumpster at least until these guys finish the job(I have given up on knowing when that may be, the guys keep getting “delayed”, but that’s my problem, not yours). This old floor was the actual floor that I paced back and forth on for the entire 2018-2019 season (and the previous 14). I will authenticate each piece (please be careful, some have nails in them). Send me your address. First 25 takers also get a U-Hall brick (non-authenticated).

• License Plates- These seem to be a huge success, everyone is happy. For the DMV to do something better than cable TV and a private memorabilia company should make the latter two institutions quit their respective businesses. By the way, someone should scoop up the plate, TDaMFMHBCTB, if Tony doesn’t already have it.

Enjoy the rest of August everyone- See you at Scott Stadium! (I am the one in the parking lot in a Virginia Cap drinking bourbon- feel free to say hello). Go Hoos!

Posted: 08/14/2019 at 08:03AM


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