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Gooch, I've got a question about that if you don't mind?

Since you're reading about the challenges of converting a civilian industrial base into a national war machine, I was wondering if the book goes into any of the legal/Constitutional discussions around what happened in the United States during WWII. Was there resistance to forcing the automakers, etc. to stop producing cars, and instead producing tanks/planes/military vehicles? Was there resistance to the rationing programs, or to the internment programs of Japanese citizens, or beliefs that any of that was unconstitutional?

I've been curious about those things for awhile (obviously not curious enough to go figure out the answers, but still, since Gooch brought it up, I thought I'd ask).

I think I wonder about these things simply because of the sides of the coin that I see within myself when I reflect on that time in our history. On one side, I'm so thankful that we turned our nation into one big war factory that put a stop to the Nazis and the Japanese Empire and their bloodthirsty quest for global domination, and that our national patriotism, and our belief in freedom, inspired us to such heroic heights on the global scale. On the other side, I cannot imagine living in a free country where suddenly our freedoms were eliminated (even if only temporarily) vis a vis the effective government takeover of industry and the means of the distribution of goods via rationing. Not to mention the internment of U.S. citizens!

In other words, I guess I'm curious about how people of that era dealt with those questions simply because of the seemingly opposing sides of the coin that I feel within myself.

TIA Gooch!

P.S. I hope my question here isn't TITS-ish, I certainly don't mean it to be!

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Posted: 08/14/2019 at 10:09AM


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