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Eastern KY used to be part of Virginia

32 counties of current day KY used to be one county in Virginia, called Bourbon County, VA. After that region became part of the state of KY, it colloquially would be referred to as "Old Bourbon County" or Old Bourbon.

Corn whiskey produced in the region would be shipped down river in barrels marked as coming from "Old Bourbon." That labeling distinguished the corn whiskey from the predominantly rye "Monongahela" whiskey produced in western PA.

Eventually, the geographic label became the name for that type of whiskey. And folks often thought the "Old" communicated that the whiskey had been aged in the barrels (a favorable characteristic). Hence the number of today's bourbons that have names like Old Forester, Old Grandad, Old Barton, Old Fitzgerald, Old Crow, etc. But the "Old" was really just part of the shipping address.

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