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I personally don't think it is going to come back even with a return to

winning I think our ceiling is ~50K average. This opinion will not be popular but I think what they really need to focus on is maximizing per seat revenue rather than butts in seats. And I don't mean jacking up season ticket costs or increasing VAF minimums. Attending a game at Scott Stadium is a less than premium experience in many ways. There is a segment of the fan base that would pay more money for a premium experience - talking about a club level, beer garden, better food, etc. Right now that is only available in the suites or that tent on the hill which cater to businesses and the extremely wealthy. Target the somewhat more affluent individuals with some premium options and you don't need to hustle to sell $20 seats to make the money you need. VPI has had an endzone club for almost 20 years now that features an indoor area, free food, alcohol, etc that individuals can buy into - my dad had tickets there and I think it was a $1500/seat premium? I'm sure most other stadiums have similar and they completely sell out. I look at the amount of UVA fans that opted for the club section in Charlotte and the desire is there. The masses are not coming back IMO, offer a better experience for those that are still coming and might be willing to pay a little more for it. Or over time we'll lose them too.

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