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You have successfully argued that Fall did not "struggle" in the NCAA

tournament. What you have not successfully argued is that a 7'6 high school freshman could be a dominate force on the basketball court. Perhaps Fall was a poor example, but reportedly when he first arrived at UCF he was unable to catch the ball consistently, and despite his rebounds, it is clear that he, Fall, could have been far more successful if not for an unwillingness/inability to jump beyond a few inches.

The fact remains that at 7'6 at the age of 14, a gigantism disorder is most likely, and such individuals tend to have problems with everyday mobility. There have been multiple attempts to get giants into basketball leagues and none have been successful. Not sure if Fall can or should be included in that category. At no point did anyone assert that being 7' or taller was a deficiency in basketball itself. There is quite a difference between someone with medical gigantism and a really tall person without a growth disorder. As stated previously, the medical status of the 14yr old in question is unknown.

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Posted: 09/10/2019 at 2:18PM


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