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And for those of you following the CA NIL bill...

...Here's the NCAA's response letter.

A few Haney responses to the NCAA responses:

"The 1,100 schools that make up the NCAA have always, in everything we do, supported a level playing field for all student-athletes. "

Haney: Really? So, like, same facilities budgets? Same coaches' salaries? Oh, that's not what you meant? Then what do you mean?

"If the bill becomes law and California’s 58 NCAA schools are compelled to allow an UNRESTRICTED name, image and likeness scheme, ..." (all caps mine)

Haney: I don't pretend to know anything about how to read CA laws or do legislative interpretation, but there's nothing in the CA bill I can see that requires NIL money to be unrestricted or would prevent schools from imposing a reasonable cap. (Nor would antitrust law IMO, but that's a common misconception unfortunately...).

"Right now, nearly half a million student-athletes in all 50 states compete under the same rules."

Haney: Fairly certain this is incorrect. The post O'Bannon reforms let conferences go above and beyond in certain respects, and I'm also fairly certain many did.

"NCAA member schools already are working on changing rules for all student-athletes to appropriately use their name, image and likeness in accordance with our values — but not pay them to play."

Haney: (1) The CA bill has a specific provision for keeping an eye on that rule change, so that they can adapt if/when the NCAA decides to do anything in 10-15 years or so.
(2) The NCAA already allows (or allows its conferences to allow) numerous forms of compensation for student athletes from travel budgets for families to payment for various types of insurance (hence why Duke was allowed to pay for Zion's injury insurance). And that's good! But then, the NCAA does this silly legalistic thing where they waive their hands and call that other stuff something other than being paid. It's really dumb, but we've all decided to go along with it. So really the discussion shouldn't be, should we pay student athletes? (my answer is, I don't know, but we already do, so why stop?) The discussion should be, how much should we pay student athletes (my answer, I don't know, but probably more than we are paying some of the elite ones right now).

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