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This is purely gut level, more than an argument per se, but...

...for some reason I really have no concerns about Morsell’s offense. Don’t get me wrong — I get how ugly it’s been, I agree that it’s puzzling, and I understand that it can’t continue indefinitely if he’s going to get starter’s minutes.

(Having said that, a lot of folks around here still have a soft spot for a former Hoo guard who had a strong build and played great defense, but couldn’t throw it in the ocean if he was standing on the beach!)

But I don’t think Morsell is going to be Bub.2. It’s not just message board buzz; the kid scored well and often, inside and out, against legit competition both in HS and in AAU. We know it’s there. We don’t know what his offensive ceiling is, but we know this is his floor.

So what’s going on? We obviously can’t see inside his head, but it sure looks like it’s all mental. First game jitters leading to second game pressing, leading to third game frustration. Poor kid is probably locked in his own head right now, hoping every shot goes in rather than expecting it to. If he were a struggling QB, you’d call some safe short passes to build confidence. But what can you do in hoops, beyond extra reps in practice, and continuing encouragement from his coaches and teammates to keep shooting? Thank goodness we don’t really need his points yet, and are winning without them.

My guess is that when he breaks out, he’s going to have himself a day. The hoop will go from the dancing dime-sized demon it is now to something more like a hula hoop. Then he can settle into becoming whatever he’s going to become.

I wish I had the same unthinking confidence in Stattman. I’ve already voiced some “I don’t see it” on that front, and don’t want to turn into That A-Hole who seems to be rooting against his own. I hope he blossoms, and certainly trust TB and staff to see and develop what he can offer. It’s just that, purely by my own (meaningless) eye test, I just don’t see him as an ACC player, much less a starter on a top 15 team. But I will have my favorite crow recipes ready, and will eagerly wolf it down if and when he joins the long list of guys who have proven me wrong!

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Posted: 11/17/2019 at 1:53PM


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