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Talk about Dike, the finals ref, commentators....

Commentators- I rarely listen to them as they are there to drum up interest however they can. As such, little things like their ignorance of the laws of the game get magnified. I only listened to them for the OT, but they seemed balanced and even leaned to UVA. Still, remain background noise to me.

Whoever said the ref lost control of the game, was really bad or lacked consistency needs to step back from the ledge. Dude was spot on at all times and called a great game overall. Happy to look at specific plays and discuss, just give me what half and the time. But really, dude would have walked away with a great assessment and little criticism, which is too be expected from a National Level guy in the PRO system that does MLS.

DIke. Reffing a guy like Dike is a different nut. I was giving feedback to a ref who will pass me like the wind in no time. He is a familiar face to UVa fans and known to the locals. During game he allowed a 45/55 shoulder charge to play on, even tho the 45 guy went down. He could have called it, but did not and either way would have recieved the same fussing from one side or the other. Five minutes later and very small guy and a pretty big guy (50 pound difference minimum) had a clear 50/50 charge and the little guy went flying and he called the foul. We talked after about it not being illegal to be bigger, faster and stronger and that he had penalized the guy for this. Hey, if some little point guard gets crushed by a legal Jack Salt screen it is not Jacks problem right? The flip side to this is something we have talked about- NOT calling trifling things. Salt gets that point guard on the block with a swtich and posts up the guard can wail on him all day, be annoying as shit and fouling away but Salt still will hold his block and get the shot. And so it is with a guy like Dike. He will have a different standard for what draws a whistle. Contact that would knock 155# Steedman off the ball will not come close to dislodging 220# Dike. And we do not want to be blowing that whistle like a girls field hockey game. He dished out plenty, but he also absorbed plenty. Also, we simply cannot reward flopping that seeks out free kicks. Hate it when Dook does it. Hate the goalie who did it. And will not reward it in the game I am calling. Upper body contact will require a lot more for a call. A clip to the ankles gets same love tho. And this is why, so often, a ref gets crucified at games. Fans see upper body contact, pushes, grabs, clinging and it is often not called, then a little foot clip that takes a player of stride/ball gets a whistle and the fans begin to froth.

Anyway, my hope is that some ref perspective and people having a greater understanding as too why stuff is/is not being called etc will make the game a little more enjoyable. Refs, even as spectators see the game differently. ON that pass that looked so offside, you can bet your ass I would not have been watching the play, but checking the offside set.

That said, we really need refs. I was having no trouble making 10K a year to stay fit. I was given hotel rooms for tournies. Sign up for early games, go to hotel and a short nap then go out with the wife for the night. I was managing the State fitness test until about 55, but just got worn down.

Now it is off to Manhattan for 5 days with the wife. Will be sitting at Torst in 12 hours. GO HOOS!

Posted: 12/20/2019 at 06:48AM


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