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Some interesting points.

But the guy is an unwatchable pompous cynical douchebag who loves nothing more than proving that he is the smartest guy in the room. If he is that smart and makes that much money from acting on his smarts, he should consider getting a wardrobe consultant and a barber.

All he cares about is how to play a fractured (oh sorry...the buzz work is "disrupted") world to maximize returns for capital. (No surprise given his audience at the CFA Institute Conference.) Since the US has by far the most capital, that by extension is good for the US from his perspective. I get that he is a foreign policy guy. However, he looks more closely under the hood of the domestic demographics and economic policies of China, Canada, Germany and Mexico than the US.

The US controls huge amounts of capital and has the military heft to protect it. No other country is in that position, so it gives us a dominant negotiating position in trade talks. We can successfully throw our weight around and maximize our returns on that capital through aggressive trade negotiations, intermixing money and power.Our main export is capital. Our main import is returns on that capital. As he correctly states, we are no longer a trading nation of physical goods or services. We only trade and control capital.

My question is how that is "very good for the US" in your view? I hope you are able to take advantage of that with you investments. But how does it benefit the vast majority of Americans? Returns on US capital flows and aggressive trade negotiations don't benefit people outside of affluent cities, and even then, only certain people in those places.

Instead of regurgitating his books on the same subject, Mr. Superman Socks should ponder what the US's current economic system means for the people of this country. The restructuring of our economy has had very real human costs in urban and rural places and the hallowing out of communities. The same situation that I saw as a kid in the 1970s in the Bronx, Newark and Jersey City has now spread to every corner of the country. Disinvestment, lack of jobs, crappy schools, breakdown of family and social structures, substance abuse, mass incarceration, broken institutions. None of those communities, or the people who live in them, will benefit from tariffs on French wine, Japanese steel, Canadian wood products, or Chinese consumer goods.

This is not intended to be a soapbox post. I think that you and I agree that this situation is 50 years of crappy policies by Dems and Reps coming home to roost. I wish Mr Zeihan would apply his analytical chops to that, even if it wouldn't get him a repeat invitation to the CFA Institute Conference.

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Posted: 01/10/2020 at 4:36PM


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