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I have a weird link to breaking bad. I don't watch any shows on TV since

the kids own the TVs (Big city greens / teen titans are pretty awesome :) ). Anyway, right before the last season of breaking bad, someone told me a colleague I used to work with was in the show, I had no idea. I looked up the episodes he was in and one was the first so I turned it on and TOTALLY got hooked from episode 1. Binge watched the whole thing in like a month to catch up before the last season began.

The funny thing about my colleague is that his wife and kids went down to ABQ to audition and he just went with them to hang out. Somehow wound up in the show. He's an interesting looking guy (the car wash owner guy with the bushy eyebrows) so they must have liked his look. Wound up in a bunch of episodes. He's actually a brilliant scientist and a super nice guy in real life. All these actors trying to get parts and some non-actor snatches one up, LOL.

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Posted: 01/27/2020 at 12:44PM


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