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I watched it. I did not see Part 1. IMO It's pseudo balanced as follows:

On the one hand -- they don't gloss over the crime. Dogs were killed when they failed to fight.

Dogs were injected. It was not glossed over. The reporting of the legal aspects was more or less balanced. I mean, one guy sang first to save himself -- the others got 18-23 month sentences. Vick's was largest -- he was the funding mechanism and therefore at the top of the scheme.

On the other hand, the angle of racism is troubling to me. That he did this has little to do with race. The outcry and media reporting would have been the same had this been Brady, Manning, or any other Caucasian sports star.

Yes, the boys in the hood, and Vick's inability to stop running with that crowd directly contributed to the sequence of events leading to the establishment of Bad Newz Kennels. But is that race? And several on this board have said the protests at his trial had nothing to do with race -- yet his wife reports otherwise --- basically establishing the "angle" for the journalistic piece to go down that road -- which they do time and again.

Compelling is a good word.

I try to see both sides in any event like this. This event was something that happened and we all watched -- stunned. How could this happen?

The piece accurately (IMO) portrays events leading up to acquiring dogs. They ended up buying from the buyer (Tony) that happened to deal in dog FIGHTING. The lines got quickly blurred. Any recognition that this was a crime got dismissed -- "Police have bigger fish to fry in the 757".

The redemption part? I struggle with this. Imagine being his parent. Our children have fouled up (I know mine have) -- I am not too keen on "hang 'em high!" mentality. Young people make bad decisions -- this set of decisions (beyond the pale to most of us) happened -- whether we like it or not -- it happened and society (the society that Vick ran in) encouraged, nurtured and promoted it -- and kept it silent.

Vick's "turn-around" was slow -- at first he was confident it would be a no-nevermind. He was arrogant. Once he served time, I believe he was genuinely apologetic. He no longer has anything to do with Q (although apparently Q showed up uninvited to Vick's 30th birthday party and was shot?).

He was done a lot for animal rights and even testified before Congress. SOme portray his actions as "all P.R." -- but he HAS done them and continues to even though he really no longer "needs to".

So -- my opinion of Michael Vick? He's matured -- just like we all do. He's wiser -- just like most become with age. His crime? Horrific -- no doubt. The time served? Yes. My opinion is mixed. I am sympathetic with those that allow for his redemption and continued positive contributions to society -- a see the angle also that what he did was reprehensible, and really he was only sorry for getting caught. This latter MAY HAVE been true at one time. But I do think he is sorry. And what he did in 2010 season WRT football WAS redemptive. Whether we like him or not,. it is incredible that a professional athlete serves 2 years in jail and comes back in that fashion. That part of the story was compelling. It just is -- we don't have to LIKE it.

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Posted: 02/07/2020 at 09:10AM


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