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It's good to be disconnected for 9-12 hours per day I guess

Of course, in the office I get to use 3 different computer systems, regular phone, secure phone, video phone and 12-15 chat rooms, so only really disconnected from my personal devices. At home, I have a 2008 MacBook - still works fine - would upgrade, but after work I tend to not want to use computers. At home I get the work laptop, work secure cell phone, and regular cell phone. I have those mainly because someone told me I had to as I don't use them enough to be worth the trouble/cost in my opinion.The joy of working for the government. Most of my personal technology use is with my iPad and if I didn't frequent this site, I'd probably not need that. With regard to technology in the gym, in my building since no personal devices are generally allowed (some exceptions), I have to put up with people blasting Fox News or putting crappy music on the boom box. Fortunately, I kept an old iPod Classic with no Bluetooth or WiFi. I am allowed to bring that in but have to turn the volume up pretty loud to drown out the TV/music from others. I know, first world problems.

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Posted: 02/13/2020 at 12:54PM


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