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I was there as well. 10 recollections and new observations:

1. What I remember about the dunk was that he seemed to grab the board, pause, and then go higher up to dunk. I didn't see a replay, and I'm not sure physics would allow that, but that's what it looked like to me live.
2. I remember it being like a popcorn popper with all the Wahoo cups getting thrown in the air. Watching the end, I didn't see that (and forgot we sang the Good Ol' Song at the end of the game), but at the very end, after the song, you can see the cups flying in the air.
3. People remember Polynice left for the headphones thing, but forget that it was leaked that he had honor issues before that involving a paper, I think.
4. Down by 17 and UNC is full court pressing in the last 30 seconds - things like that don't happen anymore.
5. Lance Blanks appears at the end. He was supposed to be a big-time recruit (maybe Mr. Basketball in Texas), didn't pan out, and then transferred to Univ. of Texas and had a good career.
6. John Dyslin sighting on the bench. He and Tim Martin were the twin towers that never really were. I remember Dyslin had a twin sister at UVA too, I think.
7. Mel Kennedy was fun to watch. I think he went to Lew Alcindor's HS (Power Memorial) - might have shut down not too long after that.
8. UNC always seemed to have a big guy who redshirted and by his fifth year was a pain in the neck. Not sure if that's what Martin was. I think Wolf was in that game and he had that type of progression.
9. Can't think of Sheehy without thinking of someone running over his dog or cat on the official visit and either Ferry or Meaghar nut grabbing him in a game. Duke sucks.
10. Carolina too.
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