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I'll provide a more serious answer... low expectations.

Divorce rates are much, much lower with arranged marriages. I attribute that to low expectations.

I blame Disney for the US' high divorce rates. The belief in 'happily ever after' is the absolute worst thing you can bring into a marriage. Or that the other person 'completes you'.

If you go into your marriage thinking this is going to be a shit slog, but will be worth it, then you've got a good shot.

Also, before having kids, every would be parent should spend 6 months giving up absolutely everything they love and spend their entire waking moment cleaning their neighbors' houses every day, weekends included, not remuneration, not even a thank you. If they can make it through that, then, and only then, should they consider having kids.

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Posted: 02/15/2020 at 10:46AM


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