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One more datapoint, albeit late to the party. No hesitation, straight to

the nearest stall. Lift up the seat! Leave the door open, especially if it is the only stall available, that way letting any newcomer who might need a stall, that their wait will be short.

By the way, my response to the OP, depends on how long I have taken already, but usually wait. I won’t go so far as to say I embarrassed to be seen in the bathroom, but I’m certainly not proud! I do put my nametag badge in my pocket so it isn’t dangling on the floor with my pants broadcasting who is in the stall! I avoid as many conversations as possible unless I know we are the only two in there and we are both at the sink or walking out.

My work bathroom only has two stalls, one a little bigger than the other so of course the slightly bigger one is preferable. Sometimes no room at the inn, then I have to go check the upstairs bathroom, again with two stalls, one slightly bigger. Sometimes they are both occupied as well! Awkward to have to wait in the bathroom so I usually go back and forth until a stall is available. Point of the story is at my office, clearly we have a lot of people full of sh!t.

Interesting thread.

(In response to this post by The Hook)

Posted: 02/16/2020 at 10:59AM


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