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Thanks for posting. That article basically summarizes everything I have

felt for weeks now. If infection rates in most towns did not take off with large supermarkets, Lowe’s, etc being visited all the time then it seems unrealistic that opening small businesses would have a greater impact on raising the infection rate compared to large stores being open. Keep the big ones open and close the small ones? Makes no sense.

I like what the author said about the virus rising and falling due to its own “dynamics” as opposed to the lockdown. Some people have been screaming the only reason the rates are declining are because of lockdowns...if that’s true then why do flus, colds, and pneumonia see a rise, spike, and fall of cases each year with no intervention? Surely the infection rate of those deadly diseases should continue to grow exponentially each year since we never lock down for those. But they don’t. And it can’t be attributed to natural immunity solely because upwards of 60 million flu cases happen each year in the US, so obviously we really aren’t very immune to it at all. Probably because the strains change a lot.

But I agree with the premise of the article and I hope governors stop dragging their feet on reopenings because in most of the country (basically everyone outside of the northeast) the cure has become worse than the virus itself.

As a side note, outside of NY/NJ/CT/MA there have been roughly 47k deaths. In 2018 there were 51k flu deaths in the US outside of those 4 states. The response in rural America has been devastating and disproportionate to the threat we face.

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Posted: 05/22/2020 at 12:29PM


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