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Personal Touches With Greatness...Tell your story

1) My Dad went to school with Curly Neil - Remember to this day sitting on his lap in the locker room at The Richmond Coliseum

2) Michael Jordan use to play golf with my dad and Gerald Henderson while in Richmond....Michael came over to my house one day after a round in ‘87 - And he proceeded to say that I went to the wrong school .....he literally sat on my couch with me drinking a beer and I was playing hard to get.....LOSER!!!

He then proceeded to date my sister - date night is optional 😳

3) Gene Washington and Bud Grant - My dad was the Equipment Manager - err Asst Equipment Management....I use to go over to Gene Washington house after practice...

4) George G. and Bill Narleski were my doormates in Lile freshman year...Bill was my boy!!!

George won soccer ⚽️!!!

5) Shawn Moore was my resident in Hancock his first year! Gawd he was a stud and his roommate was Ray Savage...Talk about athletes!!!

6) My Daughter - She was the one that played actually big time college sports 😳

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Posted: 06/06/2020 at 10:03PM


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