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True, except for the campus and one more thought..

The Stanford campus is pleasant, but I think that UVA's is much nicer. Plus, drive out of Stanford, and you quickly find yourself among the strip malls and office parks of SV. That's just plain ugly. My daughter who works in SV lives in San Francisco, along with just about everyone in her age group because SV is just plain ugly.

Speaking of my daughter, one of her high school teammates picked a free-ride (swimming scholarship) at Auburn over Stanford. My initial reaction was "is she crazy?" Does she understand the difference between an Auburn and a Stanford degree? Then, I recall a conversation with one of the parents who said how glad she was that her daughter had picked Auburn. She was worried that Stanford would have been too intense academically and would have just not been the fun college experience that a kid should look for. I thought about this, and it kind of made sense. You need to be a solid A / B student at a good high school to get in Stanford on an athletic scholarship, but that's still a very wide gap with the students on get in on academics alone. It's probably no fun to get into every class and know that, automatically, you start in the bottom 20 percent. Beyond not fun, it can hurt your self-confidence.

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Posted: 06/20/2020 at 10:08AM


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