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My thoughts...or so I've been told...(double meaning, yep)

The mayor sucks - don't react to his headlines. No one likes him. He's lost the city, and it'll have to be the next guy....yada yada.

More, and way more importantly, it's 8 million people. Some own, some rent, but everyone is there, for the most part, to make money. Bear with me.

If the city rebounds, money is made, and tax hauls from all industries are good. If not, the tax "base" will fall on the people. Once the higher taxes pop in, the "cost" of living there makes no sense, so you'd have Manhattan/Brooklyn flight....and not just the "wealthy" who all will think already left. It'll be the salaried class no longer renting a 2BR in the E Vil for 3K. (local tawk)

The monied class didn't leave....yet. They just started their summer flight earlier. They're all 2 hrs out, trying to paying non NY taxes, keeping their places up, going back and forth for supplies, nannies, etc. Really.

Hudson Valley, CT real estate, in terms of sales/rate of sale/etc is way up; liveable houses snatched up in days. What "we" don't know is WHEN NYC gets normal. So ar realizing houses in CT are "relatively" cheap.... some have throw in the towel, but some with money bought as a hedge! Worse case is you then rent in city, can break a lease, and own a weekend house. Also have the hedge of putting your kids in a non Manhattan school aka less money, less possible commute/exposure/etc and a higher prob of opening "in the fall"....follow? It's weird, but it's happening.

However - First, people are back on the subway. Second, "phase 3" which is "reopening" for germs has been delayed...but progress has been good. Third, deaths are WAAAAAY down, as in single digits in city. Remarkable. Truly....

So, the unforeseen is just that. Don't listen to the mayor - he's a jackass. We'll see what happens, but until NY knows what it's like to get all the commuting worker bees back in the's functioning, it's taking Covid very seriously, and it'll live - it usually does.

We'll see those....prognosticators have no real idea. The tax base (corporate and living) is the scary part...which will take a while to sort. Are people selling apt's now for the long term fear of what the city MIGHT become?

They are starting to. That'll be a big clue...but it's not going to be a South Park episode with the cops and knee jerk reactions off anything DeLosio says. People with the ability to wait are doing that. It's a very different place on many fronts.

I'll leave you with this - 5 deaths the other day, and a 1% confirm rate....we'll see!

(In response to this post by WahooFla)

Posted: 06/30/2020 at 5:11PM


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