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I started with the first Civ on the Atari ST when the

Game first came out. Played all the versions but stopped at 4. There is just so much you can do with different playing styles of the different leaders in 4. I used to win with Ghandi building most of the wonders and overwhelming the opposition with a peaceful technical win (Space Race). Now I can't win with him since I have spent so much time learning other leaders styles. One of my favorite are Charlemagne. His landsknecht come at just the right time for me to dominate mid game militarily. Recently I discovered Willem of Orange. He was always a thorn in my side as an opponent and now I know why. Getting the right wonders early on multiply his financial advantage and then when he gets dikes and all the extra production with steam power he is close to unstoppable. Doing domination victories now.

Along the way I have played a few leaders with strong early units and tried for early victories, but my best scores are with Willem, now. I do not perseverate over too many details. I play for fun and to take my mind off of work and reality, so I don't play on the hardest levels.

I also play regularly with a friend in co-op mode. We have been doing that since the game came out and we are still leaning things. I had a random event occur recently where an asteroid hit the earth and sped up the earth's rotation by .2%. Improved my ability to build space ship parts. Amazing game.

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Posted: 06/30/2020 at 5:51PM


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