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Covid sux

No sports. My home town of MB SC is a hot bed. My friends are all suffering from economic down turn. Social unrest pisses me off. Most of these protesters have never even seen true suffering or oppression. 11 years in the USMC. 6 deployed has taught me that we have the greatest country in the world. So my advice to all you social justice " warriors" is sign up, grab a rifle. Travel to all these wonderful third world back water countries and bask in all of the advantages they offer, then come back to the good ole US of A and reconsider your position. Im so sick of all of this " i'm oppressed, I'm discriminated against ",cry baby BS. Its an excuse for failure to succeed. There will always be prejudice on all sides. You just have to push through it and be better than those perpetrating it. Stop crying about it and using it as a crutch for your own short cummings. And NO its not All Trump's fault either. Right now this country makes me sick. You will not find a bigger patriot than me but at this moment i am ashamed of so many of my fellow Americans. We have turned into a nation of finger pointers and excuse makers. Tend your own garden people and the rest will sort it self out, i promise.

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Posted: 07/01/2020 at 05:24AM


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