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In an unbelievably coincidental continuation of the bat story yesterday...

I settle in for the evening tonight with a nice bourbon (Blanton's... thank you again Stimp, as the Buffalo Trace alert got me into bourbon hunting mode) and Mrs. Chef tells me to grab my net and go to her sister's house... a bat flew in their house too!

Since I had my first round of rabies vaccinations today, and a 100% catch rate under my belt, I figured I was at least a little better prepared to catch that little ------. So I head over and tell my brother-in-law to go upstairs. They have a newborn (locked in their bedroom!!!), so i was pretty motivated to catch it.

I search everywhere. No bat. I call him down and we search for another 15 mins. Meanwhile, Mrs Chef is getting the downstairs in our house getting the house ready for some guests for a while... no way my sister-in-law is going to stay in that house with a newborn and 4 y.o.

No bat. Just as we are about to pack up and head back to my house, I hear my brother-in-law say "there he is" and he grabs the net like a ninja and traps the little guy in a lamp!

So we are sitting there, woth no idea what to do next. So we wrap the top of the lamp in trash bags and take it outside. Since there is no way in hell my sister-in-law is going to let that lamp back in the house, we head outside and carefully remove the net while keeping the trash bags over the lamp, and shake the bat and the top of the lamp into the trash bags and tie it off. You can hear it crawling around in there.

Health department told me i should have kept ours for rabies testing, we will let them come pick it up amd test this one.

Am I Battman?? Oh, and the bat episode of The Office came on tonight. Crazy.

Posted: 07/31/2020 at 11:21PM


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