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Micro and macro

So first, the student athlete at hand, played her freshman year at UTSA(15-16), transferred to cal (16-17 sit out), played 10 games (17-18), injured whole year (18-19) and played 29 games last year (19-20). So, assuming she is active at Duke, she would have played in 4 full seasons over the 6 (10 games surpassing the 30% rule barely). She is enrolled at Fuqua (their (Duke not NCCU thank the lord) school of business) and I assume is getting their Master in Management.

Based upon her stats do I question giving her a scholarshipsure. Nothing blows me away. However there is no question she deservers to play and she turned a commitment to a commuter school in San Antonio into degrees from Cal and (assuming she graduates) Duke. I don't see why but she did and for that alone she deserves credit.

For all the Helen Lovejoy esque screaming of "Think of the children", the reality is this young woman used the game and did not let the game use her. Too many athletes, male and female, are enticed by shoes or rides and sacrifice long term stability for short term satisfaction. If the argument for this is cost control let's have an honest discussion about the bloated spending habits of departments before we start worrying about student athletes (and I know this is earth shattering) working to get the best education they can for as cheaply as possible.

On a macro level here is the reality: There are already too many players getting scholarship in WBB. You agree to cutting back from 15 to 13 and I am will come half way up the hill you have chosen. Cutting scholarships hurts the top teams and makes a better product long term. Think of it as a salary cap, helping to even the playing field a bit (not saying Longwood taking down UNC but at least letting smart coaches sell playing time even more to developmental prospects).

Student athletes should get four years to play full season (with anything over 30% counting as a season). If they do it in four years and get a PhD fantastic. If they have a track more like the young woman in question and get a bachelors and masters great. We can both agree those who hang around for four years and get nothing likely sacrificed a spot that could have been better used in the pursuit of knowledge.

However the blunt reality of kids getting six years is someone had to invite them back, just as the 64 year old worker who everyone loves so they won't fire him but everyone knows said individual can't do the job. Leadership is making tough decisions and if the value to the organization (be it athletic teams or a Fortune 500 company) exists and the opportunity to add said asset is there (aka an open scholarship) any coach who wouldn't take invite them should be looking to coach JV in Pleasentville because they aren't ready for the real world. We can wax poetic about coaches as teachers but even at Tennessee, where all student athletes who have played 4 years have graduated, I don't see a banner for that achievement but I see a ton for winning games.

Finally, as to your point about summer classes, again we have to look micro and macro. Yes at Virginia all our WBB players can take summer classes. This is not the case at all schools and will likely become more of an outlier to see non football/mbb players taking summer classes (or more than one) due to budget concerns.

Being a D1 athlete is hard particularly when, to be blunt, at a school like Virginia your previous academic background may not have prepared you for the rigors that await. The academic staff does a great job and I hope that the new economic reality does not dictate taking the foot of the gas in pouring resources into academic support to help all our student athletes do it the right way in the classroom. However, even in a best case scenario, for many our student athletes summer is the time to makeup ground lost during the season when 12 credits may be the max you can handle both semesters. Those 6 credits you need to makeup a year are a busy summer still.

I do appreciate you WHOODAT clarifying your statement that your rule, as misguided as I see it, should be applied to all athletes. Your initial statement that "I would propose that women scholarships be 5 year" threw me for a loop.
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