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Not really consensus below, I see....

SO I looked it up.

NO real "rule"....the "idea" is that 10% is IF it's a complicated order, or a whole lot of effort/extra.
Further reading points out that it's less than 25% of people tip on carry out.

that've got pre covid and post, and you've got lunch/breakfast, you've got coffee/pastry/donut, and you've got dinner.

pre Covid - tip on a take out lunch, for one? I'd go flat fee at a place I frequent, sure. Do I do a percent? If it's just me, my "math" is my flat fee would be greater than the percentage suggested. Also, I hit my regular spots harder, aka they "Get me" and I pay up for that. Do I need to tip at some random deli for a 9$ lunch? nahhh...not if some counter person bags what someone else made. I'm not big on hitting the bagger with the tip. If it's one big "whole house deal" and the tip goes to the bagger, or credit card, that's fine, I'll do custom amount, look generous-ish, and that's that.

For coffee, the idea, even when I'm pounding cappuccino at X a cup, and lots of times I double back - I'm not a percent guy. I'm flat say 1$ on one cup of $5 drink, so again, much like a crappy bar, the amount outweighs the percent.

Dinner - take out - I rarely if ever look at the bill, but pick a $ amount that says thanks for throwing this together, and that you KNOW I need extra wasabi, catsup, etc. If I'm ordering say for 4 people (family) again I'm flat fee but nice about it. I don't see, much like when your bottle of wine at a sitdown restaurant, that $ gets wildly variable for the same cork pull/suggestions. I do not see why I need to hit 10% or higher if it's a pricey take out, say sushi for 4. That said I tip a signifgant amount.

Post Covid, I over tip, sure. I OVERORDER too! I especially do this at farms, and at breweries, where they want to sell stuff, as in get it out the door as they work on yield. I hit my fave places HARD with tips now, but the longer this goes, some reversion to mean makes more sense.

However, it's ok NOT to tip, I think, if it's routine - you are SPENDING money, aka the house is making something with a margin built in (one would hope)..and anything else is karma-ish. Trying to help all, and keep a place afloat, yah, tip nice.

I think the current "suggested tips" on percentages at high transaction places prob work out very well for servers who just/still just have a counter. If the place had tables, and now it doesn't, percentages can/do make sense.

Keep in mind tip sharing works VERY differently case by case...that's far from routine. Direct handing of cash to your fave cook/chef/waitron is not a bad idea....they'll take it if they can!

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Posted: 10/14/2020 at 9:27PM


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