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Thank you Farragut, you expressed my long held concerns about the future of

American currency. The national debt is too large ever to be repaid. ( $83,000 per U.S. citizen).
Under the Biden administration it could sky rocket further. ( Not that it wouldn't under Trump.)
There must be a time of reckoning, right? And that reckoning should be in the form of drastic devaluation of the U.S. dollar. Other nations and people will not invest in Treasuries because they don't trust them.
But, I have been saying this for the past twenty years, and the dollar hasn't cratered. During the current pandemic there has been a drop off in bidders at the Open Market auctions, but that is explained for other, one-time, reasons. From a recent Brookings news release on this point:

"As one of the world’s most heavily traded assets, Treasuries should have been easy to sell. But a lot of other market participants were trying to sell amid the uncertainty about COVID-19: asset managers were seeking to raise cash to meet redemptions; foreign central banks were selling Treasuries to acquire dollars to manage capital outflows and exchange rates; banks needed to fund draws on their revolving corporate credit facilities; and investors were selling to rebalance their portfolios after the sharp fall in equity prices."

So, the lack of current interest in Treasury auctions can be explained as a one-time phenomenon. MMT is concerning because of its vast expenditures, but there is no radical indication that it has impacted confidence in the dollar. It also has apparently propped up the equities market. The mortgage market is experiencing an historic boom thanks to the Fed purchasing almost all newly issued government MBS. What happens when that spigot is turned off? I hate to think about it.

But, whether the dollar is threatened as the World's reserve currency, I am just not sure. It would seem a possibility. But what will replace it, the Wan? The Euro? History shows that when uncertain foreign capital seeks safety and liquidity it seeks the dollar. Not because it is not backed by anything, but because of the unknowns of other foreign currencies. Its the best of several bad options. The U.S. dollar loses about 3% in value each year. But how do other currencies fair, and for how long?
I am beginning to think that no amount of irresponsible government spending, nor no amount of growing annual deficits has any major effect on the confidence in the dollar. Perhaps, because of the vastness of the market. I don't know. It just doesn't seem to be vulnerable to the amount of U.S. debt. ( Not that U.S. citizens should not be concerned.)

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