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Why you are wrong

Appreciate your post but a few things you missed below. I will say I should have clarified that a season ending injury or one that has a long term recovery should be released and will own up to my lack of clarity.

"When a kid is not going to be playing it’s no secret"

Two points
-This year in particular, talking to college coaches, player availability is hit or miss until you see who warms up. Not just COVID but the NCAA delay on transfer requests and the sudden allowance of players to start play multiple games into the season often has left coaches with figuring out who is on the roster at the time of warmups.
-To be blunt, we don't have a single player right now who by themselves would change your gameplan if you are an opponent. Our best shot is to play as a cohesive unit unlike last year when we had 2.5 players you had to scout for.

"And they’ll know when that kid is expected to return If gambling takes place on WBB, injures are known somewhere"

-The reason the only major sports-books will take WBB gambling money are in Vegas (and even then limited to usually only the bigger games) and not with any of the legal online sportbooks like FanDuel, BetMGM, DraftKings is partially because they can't get that information. Now admittedly is is also because of an easier potential to influence the line of smaller WBB games

"I’ll bet a nickel that you call each one of UVA’s next three opponents and they could tell you why any of Our ladies aren’t playing."

-Here is the reality. Put aside our current lack of individual talent and why teams wouldn't be as worried about an individual player. Put aside COVID and transfer eligibility surprises. Unless the player puts out the details themselves (which I am fine if long term) or the school clarifies, it is all speculation. Over almost 20 years at D1, I saw horrible injuries the game before be nothing the next game and have been shocked that what looks like a stubbed toe has ended a kids season. At the coaching level you certainly plan if players X Y Z will be unavailable but unless you have definitive news you scout for them to be available and prepare the team for them. Right now we need every legal tactical advantage we can get.

The points you bring about the lack of information leading to speculation are valid. And for longer term situation they should be addressed. But in the short term, if the coaches say the truth (if a bit stretched) that player X Y Z may be available and then X Y Z don't play people on this board will still be complaining about the lack of information. If you can't please fickle fans, the best thing you can do is try to win and not releasing the information does that.

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