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This is an emotional analysis -- not based in the reality of how

any vaccine really works. I get it -- vaccines can be emotional as we are putting something in our bodies and human beings are emotional beings. But it does not mean it is really a sensible analysis.

Vaccines create an immune response. Vaccines have not ever been shown to create the type of immune response that is linked to some long term health issue (as opposed to what we are seeing at least with some and COVID) -- barring some very unusual health situation in any individual. Some have tried to throw this out there as a theoretical concern, but it is just not what vaccines and their corresponding immune response do to our bodies. There have been the rarest of examples (one related to the initial polio vaccine) where a vaccine manufacturer screwed up and this caused an issue. There was something more recent related to one other vaccine, but a ton of controversy over what was actually being seen as a linked result as well as potential manufacturing issues with one producer. There really isn't much even in theory that can happen regarding the long-term negative effect with a vaccine. The "mRna" aspect seems to spook some, but it is semantics -- there is nothing that in theoretical science that can "change your DNA" or other concerns I see out there. People can continue to express concern because nobody can "prove the negative", but it doesn't make it based in logical analysis. We did proper Phase III studies. We do not know truly how long the effect will last -- that is one big thing we are missing with the shorter time frame for study -- but that does not seem a smart reason to avoid.

I am not trying to be disrespectful about this. We are not logical about plenty of things we analyze and ultimately adopt/reject in life -- me included.

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Posted: 01/13/2021 at 1:26PM


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