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Inova Health System completely botched communication of scheduling 2nd dose

Inova is giving out shots through a partnership with Fairfax County Health Dept. Two weeks ago, I received emails from FFX and Inova on the same day about scheduling my 1st dose. Inova had more availability so I went with them. At the vax site, they said they would send an email with instructions about scheduling your 2nd dose. 2 weeks have gone by and I still have received no such email. Yesterday I decided I should try to schedule the 2nd shot without the confirmation email and it turns out there's nothing available through Inova until mid-May.

Called Inova and explained the problem. Their answer was basically to cross my fingers and hope someone cancels soon. Called FFX Co Vaccine Center and explained the problem. First woman I talked to acknowledged the problem and sent me up the chain of command to get my 2nd dose scheduled through FFX Co. The second woman on the phone explained that if you get your 1st through Inova, you have to get your 2nd through Inova b/c that's how they allocate the shots. I explained to her that in theory that would work, but if I can't get my 2nd until mid-May, that's too big of a gap between the two doses (max of 6 weeks between shots). She then just said that I need to talk to Inova, there's nothing they can do.

So basically, a complete communication failure. So frustrating. Thanks for letting me rant.

Posted: 04/07/2021 at 09:11AM


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