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Absolutely. Based on Judge Moon's order, it doesn't sound like UVA has

provided any evidence of anything like that...but it's still at the Motion to Dismiss stage and all the Judge determines at that point is whether there is jurisdiction, venue, and a claim stated upon which relief can be granted. He dismissed all of the student's claims EXCEPT the First Amendment claim and is allowing the trial to proceed on that claim. (Since it was filed pro se, by a smart young man, but with no legal training, it's not surprising that he would include claims, such as conspiracy, that don't square with the law.)

One thing I found particularly creepy in the order was that the professor who offered to sit down with the student didn't really talk about the lecture that gave rise to the alleged concerns at all -- she basically questioned him about his political beliefs on a variety of issues. That's just weird. I am certainly not a right-winger, but it's absolutely inappropriate to grill a student about who he supported in an election, what his views are on affirmative action and other issues, etc. Particularly a student you know you are trying to subject to discipline. I found that pretty damning.

Honestly, if I'm him, I wouldn't want to come back to UVA. I'd take the money he gets from the win or the settlement and go to another med school.

Re: microaggressions, yes, I think it's a generational thing, but it's really just trying not to be an a**hole. There are people who take it WAY too far, and use it offensively -- that's not what the concept is really about. Kind of how like some things that are considered "political correctness" are really just summarized by the idea, "don't be an a**hole," but others are clearly being used to target people based on their politics.

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Posted: 04/07/2021 at 6:54PM


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