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To be fair, there have been shenanigans with medical MJ in multiple states.

For example, in CO, one doctor wrote something like 80% of medical MJ prescriptions. He was hired by dispensaries to show up with a prescription pad and write scrips. All you had to do was say a magic medical word that was provided in advance to "patients," such as glaucoma or chemotherapy.

In WA, you didn't even need a prescription in the days before recreational MJ was legalized. The Seattle City Attorney announced that there would be no enforcement, so it was a collective tacit agreement for everyone to look the other way.

That is NOT to say that there are not valid medical uses for MJ. However, most of the strains that have the most significant medical benefits have been bred to have very low THC, since it has limited medical benefit. The medical strains feature higher proportions of other compounds, particularly CBD, which has been shown (albeit in limited studies) to help with anxiety, pain relief, nausea/appetite in chemo patients, and muscle relaxation in people with MS. So let's be fair and agree that a substantial portion of individuals with a medical MJ "card" or "scrip" did not suffer from those conditions.

Medical research on MJ has been limited because marijuana has historically been classified as a Schedule 1 drug by the DEA. That is slowly changing, and I expect it will be hastened by state legalization now and in the future.

The problem is that by legalizing recreational use, it reduces the potential profits for growers/producers/distributors to deal with the medical strains. There is inherently less demand for medical MJ than for recreational MJ. The supply has correspondingly suffered in states where recreational use has been legalized. That's a real problem for individuals who are true medical users. Hopefully, states can figure out this issue moving forward.
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