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Minutes mean a lot more when you aren't getting enough of them

I really think coaches can be far too stingy with minutes for young and developing players. Their mono-focus is 'win this game'. Repeat that night after night, and you find that means jamming your starters on the floor as long as possible, even in games where the win is 90% already in the bag.

Rather than give up a few percentage points of risk to find 5 minutes for a backup player desperate for a chance to do what he loves, instead you give 5 more minutes to an exhausted starter because that is less risky.

Winning games is what matters the most, but that is not the only thing that matters. Now that these kids can and do leave for playing time, I hope coaches get the message that they have interests as well and that a little more attention to them will be required even if it means risking more losses.

We all want to applaud the kid who works hard in practice all year so he can shine in his 20 minutes of non-garbage time, but it still sucks to be that kid wondering why he couldn't get 40 or 80 minutes of non-garbage time when the starter is already getting 800. A lot of their self-worth is tied up in being able to actually help their teams win, and they would rather help UNC-C win on the floor than watch UVa win from the bench.

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Posted: 04/08/2021 at 6:26PM


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