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Not sure replay value should be as relevant for film, TV or books

For music, sure, since most music is intended to be replayed hundreds of times. In that way music is more like comfortable clothes or a good meal - you want to relive it multiple times even if, and often because, it reproduces a relatively basic emotional response or rekindles a favored memory. But I think newer music can do this just as effectively as 'classic' music - probably not for you but definitely for newer listeners. I don't think it is fair for older listeners to judge newer music - we have too much of our brains wired already to like the older music.

But there can be a fantastic film, book or TV show that you only watch once, or maybe at most a second or third time to pick up on nuances you missed in the first watch or read. Yes there is some of that content you might want to relive many times (for my kids it is the Princess Bride), but the vast majority of what people consider excellent they don't rewatch or replay that often. What they took from it that was so great lives on in their memory and does not need to be re-stimulated. Usually the pathos can't be properly reproduced on rewatch because there can be no suspense, no thrill of seeing a novel character or hearing a novel turn of phrase, no delicious savoring of multiple possible outcomes. You know who the slasher kills next or if the butler did it so the rewatch experience is necessarily reduced. Watching another great movie you have never seen is usually better than rewatching a just-as-great movie you still remember, and nowadays there is always another great movie you have never seen.

Musicals (and opera) fare better on rewatch because you get the dopamine hits from the songs which are always great on replay even if you find repeating a plot structure you remember less rewarding. One of the great advances in commercial moviemaking during the 80's was the realization that a good soundtrack and score was crucial to commercial success of a film, and greatly improved rewatch. Violence and special effects are similarly favored nowadays by commercialized movies to improve the emotional response. It is just an optimizing response of the medium.

But rewatching a reality show is not even something reality shows try to accomplish so denigrating that form of entertainment for lacking rewatch is akin to judging music as a low form because it lacks good opening weekend receipts or overnight Nielsen shares. Art forms should be judged based on what they are trying to achieve.

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