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For straight up seclusion, Praslin, Seychelles, but even that isn't our


We talk about this a lot. In our view the ideal beach vacation is large/easy enough to get to on the transit side so the trip itself isn't stressful, and has "real" options outside your resort should you want them, but the resort should also feel secluded and private. Maldives you have to take a seaplane to the resort and once you're there you're basically a hostage to their extortionate prices -- especially on alcohol (which is technically illegal in the country, but resorts have an exception).

Our two favorites that strike a perfect balance are Trisara in Phuket and Four Seasons Sayan in Bali. At both resorts, you can feel like the only two people in the world if you want to, and even things like breakfast and the "public" pool (rooms have private pools) aren't crowded at all, but you're also not that far from outside food and other experiences. Both airports have tons of flights from regional hubs, and getting to the resort from the airport isn't bad at all. Having to drive 3-4 hours (or take the seaplane) just to find "seclusion" is just a waste of time. You end up killing an entire day of precious vacation time between just the ride to/from the airport. OTOH I can fly into Singapore, arrive late at night, and take the first flight of the day to Bali/Phuket and be at the resort for breakfast.

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