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To answer some of your questions

Penalties - Most common is probably "slashing", hitting a guy in the head with your stick, period, or hitting him somewhere else by "winding up" more than a foot or so before you do. The gloves are considered part of the stick, so you get more leeway when you hit them with a windup.

"Cross checking" is pushing someone (usually in the back) with your hands separated so the shaft of your stick is making contact with his body. If you knock someone down from behind then, it's either a 30-second "technical foul" for pushing him from behind with your body or 1 minute if you use your stick to do it.

Interference is a 30-second technical foul for hitting a guy or his stick when he's more than 5 yards away from the ball.

There's a random check of a stick from each team done by the refs at each timeout and between quarters. They check the dimensions, like overall length, for compliance and, most importantly whether the ball will fall out of it when the stick is upside down. There is a measure of the deepness of the pocket that some part of the ball must be obscured by the sidewall of the stick head when the ref holds it up to eye level. If the pocket is too deep, it's a 1-minute penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. If the ball won't fall out of the stick, it's a 3-minute penalty that the full time has to be served. The player doesn't get to come back in if a goal is scored.

Offsides seems arcane but it really isn't. You have to have 4 players in your defensive end and 3 in your offensive end at all times. Defenders with long sticks or your goalie can cross over as long as someone else stays back so there are still 4 guys on defense. Usually the player staying back will raise his stick over his head so it's easy for the ref to see him and that he's staying back.

Substitutions now are done "on the fly" like in hockey. A guy runs off and another runs on. They have to go through the penalty box at the center of the field. Today there's a lot of specialization on offense and defense, with players going just one way. So when you get the ball, your defensive specialists run off and your offensive specialists run on.

Back in the day, the only rule about sticks was you were only allowed to have one goalie stick in the game at any one time. There were certain instances when teams would put 6 long sticks in when they were on defense, which is an advantage. That really bogged things down. Now there's a rule that you're only allowed to have 4 long sticks in the game at any one time, so the other 2 midfielders (guys who generally can run the full length of the field) have to have regular, short sticks.

The shot clock is 80 seconds long. It's reset if a shot touches a defender standing in the goal or hits a pipe, just like it does in b-ball when the ball hits the rim. There's now an over-and-back rule like in b-ball. It goes into effect once your first shot clock hits 60 seconds. Defensive players are allowed to reach over the midfield line to keep the ball from crossing it. They do have to be careful because if they step on the line when they try to do that, they're offsides.
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