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24/7 ESPN2 & ESPNU (and other TV channel) HLS streams (links)

Today's 4 SRs start on ESPN2 at noon with ECU vs. Vandy. The other 3 are on ESPNU, but you can generalize from this by just substituting "espnu" for "espn2" everywhere, or "espn" starting tomorrow.

All of today's games are back-to-back, so there's no need for Squeeze Play, but I also don't see it on the schedule anymore going forward either. WTF?

Twice as many games tomorrow and maybe even Sunday, so games will also be on ESPN, with consderable overlap, but still no Squeeze Play.

Lots of different ways to watch ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU. Pick your poison.

The clickable link at the bottom of this post s the underlying HLS (m3u8) stream URL for Granny's ESPN2 stream, i.e.,

It should be viewable by anyone, anywhere in the world.

It's a very high (fixed) quality 720p 59.94 FPS stream at ~ 5300 kbps, so you need that kind of Internet bandwidth for it to play smoothly.

The ESPN2 stream is currently working and "live".

Sometimes Granny co-opts to show something else, though, like the Tennis Channel (Australian Open - Modern Memories). The old biddy may co-opt it again at any time. Other times, Granny's ESPN2 stream ist nur kaput. So it's always prudent to have a backup plan. For that, see "Hoo TV Value-added Subscriber Recommended Streams" below.

Note that you may need to copy and paste the underlying HLS (m3u8) stream URL for Granny's ESPN2 stream into your browser's address bar, instead of simply clicking on it using the clickable link below.

If it plays for you, you're using a browser that's capable of native HLS playback. More modern operating systems have it built-in, e.g., MacOS, iOS, and Win10, and thus so should the browsers built for them. MacOS and iOS users "may" still have to use Safari, though. FWIW, I don't on my iPad. Similarly, Win10 users may still have to use Edge.

If it doesn't play for you, see "How to View and/or Record HLS URLs" at:

Heck, check it out anyway if you want ways to play (and even record) HLS (m3u8) and MPEG-Dash (mpd) streams in ways other than just in a browser, e.g., via Roku player.

HLS (m3u8) dominates now, but MPEG-Dash (mpd) is coming.

Hint: The simplest solution is to install the "Native MPEG-Dash + HLS Playback" add-on/extension that's available for both Chrome and Firefox. For details, see see

Or in 3 easy, no muss, no fuss steps:


1. Copy the stream URL linked below

2. Paste the URL it into the “Input stream URL” entry box of the web-based Akamai HLS (hls.js) / MPEG-Dash (dash.js) Player at:

3. With “hls.js” selected, click "Play stream"

4. Profit

Here it is as a special link crafted with all the above already done for you, and all you need to do is just click "Play stream":

For some of Granny's other (free) channel streams, just replace "espn2" in the URL with::

"espn" (currently not working, use "fs2" instead)
"espnu" (down)
"espnews" (down)
"acc" (Tennis Channel)
"fs1" (not live)
"fs2" (actually ESPN)
"btn" (Fox News)

ABC, CBS, and NBC are more complicated.

The website/page-based access to Granny's streams may have changed often and purposely obfuscated, but the underlying stream URLs for the different channels have been the same for for a long time now.

I try to monitor the status of and changes to Granny's streams (especially leading up to our games) in "Hoo TV Value-added Grandma Streams" at:

There are also links to Granny's web pages with for each channel with their embedded stream players, e.g.,

- Hoo TV Value-added Subscriber Recommended Streams


Visit the linked doc & scroll down to the 24/7 high quality and ESPN2 stream links viewable by anyone anywhere in the world.

Pay particular attention to when (give page plenty of time to load completely and settle down) and where (see the pictures for the ACCN as an example below) you're ONLY supposed to click. Otherwise, you may trigger all kinds of stuff. No matter what, however, you do NOT have to register, let alone pay anything. If it tries to get you to, just ignore it, and start over if necessary.

Here they are. They don't change. (U.S. IP Address not required): (U.S. IP Address not required):

Viewing the underlying stream URLs may require more than you're willing to undertake (see Nerd Alert!!!), but there's a new section on How to Play These Streams on a Roku Player that works very nicely.)

The ESPN2 & ESPNU streams currently seem to be down. I'll submit a complaint..

The ESPN2 & ESPNU streams currently ARE working and "live".

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